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TUTORING - children

Tutoring your child one-on-one instead of a small group setting. This allows undivided attention to your child's study needs and one-on-one tutoring allows for better grades! Sessions can be held at your home, at a local library, church center, or other agreed upon location.

                        **CASH ONLY**


  $30 each hour -MUST Prepay for the lessons. The lessons are to be prepaid for each   MONTH. (1.5 x 8 =12 hours = $360)

*Please note: bonus hours may be given if you send a new paying client to Apple Tutoring.

*Workbooks may be purchased through Apple Tutoring at an extended cost.

Locations of Service at at public places: Library: Deltona, Lake Mary, & Sanford, Starbucks,

Serving families in: Deltona, Lake Mary, and Sanford area

Drive Time: $5- $20 extra for service outside of set location. This is based upon each day not set lesson.  

 **Tutoring by SKYPE is for ESOL International students!


TUTORING - adults

Specializing in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Accepting adult students for group classes.


$30 per hour Apple Tutoring Deltona, Lake Mary, Sanford area.   (Home, Work, or Library)

$5-$20 extra for service outside area      (Drive time)

                                          NO assessment fee required for adult ESOL -Must purchaser lessons before assessment is given.

                        SPANISH --------------------------------------------

TUTORÍA - adultos Especializada en ESOL (Inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas). Aceptar estudiantes adultos para clases individuales o en grupo. TASAS DE $30 por hora Apple tutoría ubicaciones: Heathrow, Lake Mary, Longwood, área de Sanford. (Hogar, trabajo o biblioteca) $5-$20 extra para servicio fuera de área (unidad de tiempo) Los programas son para los bloques de dos horas por día. Pagar por adelantado un mes de clases de ESOL. No hay cuota de evaluación para adultos ESOL. * Tutor no habla a español.



Offering in-home babysitting for ages 0 - 15.


$12 per hour (1 to 2 children) in your home or other location.

$15 per hour (3 to 5 children) in your home or other location.

All services need to be near 32746



A.    A parent or responsible adult 21 years of age or older must be present in the library or other set location.

B.    A 12 to 24 Hour notice is required to cancel a session. Session(s) will be lost if proper notice is not given.

C.    Make-up session(s) must be completed by the end of the contract.

D.    The Parent/Guardian shall fill/sign out the daily session form.

E.     Parent/Guardian/Child will bring supplies needed for tutoring session(s).

a. The student needs to bring all material needed for the lessons: ruler, compass, crayons, markers, pencils, paper, notebooks, school books, testing books, calculator, erasers, etc. b. The tutoring family may purchase the books from the tutor (so they may keep and write in the book).

F.     Apple Tutoring conducts a parent/guardian/tutor conference during the last 5 minutes of each session.

G.    Parent/Guardian & Tutor will make a plan to complete ALL tutoring hours before the 6 month completion of the lessons.

H.    Encourage the student to ask as many questions as he or she needs to. This is one of the main benefits of one-on-one tutoring, of course.


A.    Tutor shall never provide transportation to a student.

B.    Tutor agrees to provide the services to no more than one student at a time.

C.    Tutor agrees to meet all applicable federal, state, and local health, safety, and civil rights laws.

D.    Tutor will NOT disclose to the public the identity of any student. Information will be limited to parent/guardian/teacher/guidance counselor/principal/law enforcement agency/etc.

E.     Tutor shall give parent/guardian a progress report by: Verbal and/or written, by email, on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.

F.      Tutor will treat each child as a unique individual who wishes to learn.

**NOTE: I, Charlette Wozniak, am NOT responsible for the fulfilled success of each student; while Charlette Wozniak is in the tutoring care of each child**

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